We, as students and professionals, choose to come together as the Berkeley Review of Education.  The BRE commits to these norms to foster our vitality as a journal, a community, and a student organization.   

We value RELATIONSHIPS. We demonstrate our commitment to each other by sharing our skills, knowledge, and talents; and make an effort to listen and understand each other.

We value DIALOGUE. We recognize that conflict and consensus are necessary in community and do not assume “neutral” is a universal standard. We continue dialogue while moving through crucial tasks.

We value REFLECTION and INTENTION. We step up when possible, are honest when we need to step back, and are accountable to the commitments we’ve made.

We value DIVERSITY. We recognize our unique backgrounds, strengths, and contributions and work to maintain the BRE as a space that nurtures the multiple dimensions of our identities.

We value RIGOR. We support each other in developing skills and knowledge, and sustaining the organizational routines and structures necessary to be excellent editors and writers. We support our authors by providing supportive and thoughtful editing and criticism.  

 BRE Member Experiences: In Their Own Words

“Such good experience with inner workings of a journal! Good community building too,..”

“I enjoy the camaraderie and the opportunity to expand my copy editing skills.”

“Integrity of the community in its commitment both to publishing high-quality critical scholarship and to being a positive supportive group of ‘whole people’ who bring their authentic selves into our meetings and our work. Plus the priceless knowledge gained from editing articles and the publishing process that benefits my own writing and publishing.”

“I enjoy seeing new works that are being put out into the field and working on a journal that both promotes equity and social justice in its mission, and values kindness and thoughtfulness.”

“I enjoy seeing the process of a paper developing, getting to learn from my peers, and working in a community of developing scholars with a shared goal.”

“Reviewing and analyzing papers has been really helpful. I think I’ve learned about current topics in US education. I still need to get more engaged with the editing process (CE2 to be more precise), but I am hoping to accomplish that this year.”




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