Volume 11 | Number 2 | Spring/Summer 2022

Policy Translation of Social Movements Demands: The Case of Tuition-Free in Higher Education Chile

Daniela Veliz, Astrid Pickenpack & Cristóbal Villalobos


Can Teacher Protests Reify What They Protest?: Examining the Rationalities of Recent Teacher Activism through a Foucauldian Analytics

Noah Karvelis


Volume 11 | Number 1 | Fall/Winter 2021

Editors’ Introduction

Editors of the BRE


(Critical) Multilingual and Multicultural Awareness in the Pedagogical Responsiveness of Educators

Patriann Smith, Julie Smit, Anita Nigam, Beverly Finch & Dawn Burke

Contextual Support in the Home for Children’s Early Literacy Development

Ling Li & Antoinette Doyle

Development and Validation of an Empirical Instrument to Assess Empathy Driven Organizational Justice Systems in Schools

Debarshi Roy

Volume 10 | Number 2 | Spring/Summer 2021

Editors’ Introduction

Editors of the BRE


The Politics of Fair and Affordable Housing in Metropolitan Atlanta: Challenges for Educational opportunity

Elizabeth H. DeBray

Unicorns Are Real: A Narrative Synthesis of Black Men’s Career Trajectories in Special Education in the United States

Christopher J. Cormier

Student Movements Against the Imperial University: Toward a Genealogy of Disability Justice in U.S. Higher Education

Laura Jaffee

Unpacking the T: Understanding the Diverse Experiences of Trans Students Navigating Schools

Bethy Leonardi, Amy N. Farley, Emmett Harsin Drager & Jax Gonzalez

Volume 10 | Number 1 | Fall/Winter 2020

Editors’ Introduction

Editors of the BRE


“We Teach in English Here”: Conflict Between Language Ideology and Test Accountability in an English-Only Newcomer School 

Rolf Straubhaar

Mobilizing Blackness: Analyzing 21st Century Black Student Collective Agency in the University

David C. Turner III

Educational Reflections

This Isn’t What Anyone Planned: What Homeschooling Mothers Can Teach Us About Pandemic-Schooling

Leah Faw

Tinkering No More: A Call for Social Movements in This Time of Crisis

Frances Free Ramos

The Emotional Labor of Race-Gender Dialogue in Higher Education

Gema Cardona

Professionalizing Teachers and Teaching Amid the Pandemic in Chile

Cristobal Madero

Volume 9 | Number 2 | Spring/Summer 2020

Editors’ Introduction

Editors of the BRE


Disrupt, Defy, and Demand: Movements Toward Multiculturalism at the University of Oregon, 1968-2015

Ryan Patterson

South Asian Americans’ Microaggression Experiences in School: Retrospective Reflections on Interactions with K-12 Teachers

Punita Chhabra Rice

Early Childhood Education and Care and the Use of Digital Media in Informal Environments

Zara Qaiser

The Role of a Summer Field Experience in Fostering STEM Students’ Socioemotional Perceptions and Social Justice Awareness as Preparation for a Science Teaching Career

Liu, Amy Liu, Shanon, Toma, Marc Levis-Fitzgerald & Arlene A. Russell

Volume 9 | Number 1 | Fall/Winter 2019

Editors’ Introduction

Editors of the BRE


Policies and People: A Review of Neoliberalism and Educational Technologies in P-12 Education Research

Thomas Bradley Robinson

The Future of Education: Black Life and Our Classrooms A Moderated Panel Discussion 

Darius C. Gordon

Call for Conversations

Emergent Bilingual and Multilingual Learners in California: Californians Together Passing the Torch to the Next Generation of Advocates (1996 to Present)

Tina Cheuk

Educators Striking for a Better World: The Significance of Social Movement and Solidarity Unionisms

Erin Dyke and  Brendan  Muckian Bates

“People, Not Profits”: The Professional Organizations We Need

Noah Golden &  Deborah Bieler

Seven Days that Shook Oakland and the One that Shook Us Up

Craig Gordon

Towards a Theory of Teacher Agency: Conceptualizing the Political Positions and Possibilities of Teacher Movements

Noah Karvelis


Bonnie Lockhart

Disrupting the Ideology of Settled Expectations: Forging New Social Movements to Dismantle the Educational Racial Contract

Daniel D. Liou

Too Much “On the Line”: My LAUSD Strike Experience

Grace McCullough

Building Power Through Racial Justice: Organizing the #BlackLivesMatterAtSchool Week of Action in K-12 and Beyond

Dana Morrison and Elly Porter-Webb

In North Carolina, Education Activists Face an Uphill Battle

Justin Parmenter

Winning in Baltimore: The Story of How BMORE Put Racial Equity at the Center of Teacher Union Organizing

Jessica Shiller and  BMore Caucus

Volume 8 | Number 2 | Spring/Summer 2019

Editors’ Introduction

Editors of the BRE

Choice Matters: Equity and Literacy Achievement

Nicola McClung, Elaine Barry, Diana Neebe, Yvette Mere-Cook, Qi Wang & Millie Gonzalez-Balsam

Challenging the Relationship Between Settler Colonial Ideology and Higher Education Spaces

Stephanie Masta

“Signifying Nothing”: Identifying Conceptions of Youth Civic Identity in the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards and the National Assessment of Educational Progress’ Reading Framework

Antero Garcia & Nicole Mirra

Volume 8 | Number 1 | Fall/Winter 2018

Editors’ Introduction

Editors of the BRE

(Re)production of the Contemporary Elite Through Higher Education: A Review of Critical Scholarship

Rebecca Shamash

Looking Backward to Go Forward:  Toward a Kliebardian Approach to Curriculum Theory

Zachary A. Casey & Michael J. McCanless

The Challenges and Possibilities of Youth Participatory Action Research for Teachers and Students in Public School Classrooms

Christopher John Buttimer

Students Taking Social Action: Critical Literacy Practices Through School-As-Museum Learning

Genevieve Erker Caffrey & Rebecca Rogers

Silencing Racialized Humor in Elementary School: Consequences of Colormuting and Whiteness for Students of Color

Irene H. Yoon

Volume 7 | Number 2 | Spring/Summer 2018

Editors’ Introduction

Editors of the BRE

Legitimizing the Dilettante: Teach For America and the Allure of Ed Cred

Davis Clement

Using Ethnography to Understand How Policy Reform Influences the Transfer Process at One Community College

Eric R. Felix

Constructing the Literate Child in the Library: An Analysis of School Library Standards

Alyson T. Rumberger

Volume 7 | Number 1 | Fall/Winter 2017

Editors’ Introduction

Editors of the BRE

Minority Serving Institutions: A Data-Driven Student Landscape in the Outcomes-Based Funding Universe

Marybeth Gasman, Thai-Huy Nguyen, Andrés Castro Samayoa, & Daniel Corral

Righting Technologies: How Large-Scale Assessment Can Foster a More Equitable Education System

Nadia Behizadeh & Tom Liam Lynch

Homophobic Expression in K-12 Public Schools: Legal and Policy Considerations Involving Speech that Denigrates Others

Suzanne E Eckes

Call for Conversations

Call for Conversations: Education in the Era of Trump

Editors of the BRE

Oklahoma is a Moving Train: On Trump and the (Impossible) Demand for “Neutral” Classrooms in a Red State

Erin Dyke, Sarah Gordon, & Jennifer Job

Made You Look: Reflecting on the Trump Election and Patterns of False Response

Adam Freas & Jesus Limon-Guzman

Can the DREAM Still Exist?

Cheryl Burleigh

Understanding and Undermining Fake News From the Classroom

Adam Rosenzweig

Designing an Intervention to Promote Critical Thinking About Statistics in the General Public

Leela Velautham

For Girls Made of Fire

Eleni Eftychiou

Contextualizing Trump: Education for Communism

Curry Malott

Curbing Ignorance and Apathy (Across the Political Spectrum) Through Global Citizenship Education

Michael Thier

Special Features

Reimagining Educational Research: A Conversation

Prudence L. Carter & Na’ilah Suad Nasir

Volume 6 | Number 2| Spring/Summer 2016

Editors’ Introduction

Editors of the BRE

Translanguaging: Definitions, Implications, and Further Needs in Burgeoning Inquiry

Luis Poza

From Discipline to Dynamic Pedagogy: A Re-conceptualization of Classroom Management

Jonathan Ryan Davis

Engaging Diversity and Marginalization through Participatory Action Research: A Model for Independent School Reform

Joseph Derrick Nelson, Tanya Maloney, & Zachary Hodges

The Ballot Initiative and Other Modern Threats to Public Engagement in Educational Policymaking

Peter Piazza

Volume 6 | Number 1 | Fall/Winter 2016

Editors’ Introduction

Editors of the BRE

Educating Competitive Students for a Competitive Nation: Why and How Has the Chinese Discourse of Competition in Education Rapidly Changed Within Three Decades?

Xu Zhao

Vulnerable Manhood: Collaborative Testimonios of Latino Male Faculty

Juan F. Carrillo & Jason Mendez

The Invisible Tax: Exploring Black Student Engagement at Historically White Institutions

Jarvis R. Givens

Demographic Differences in Adolescent Time Attitude Profiles in an Urban High School: A Person-Oriented Analysis Using Model-Based Clustering

Rachael M. Prow, Frank C. Worrell, James R. Andretta, & Zena R. Mello

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